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Our business philosophy

When we meet you for the first time - perhaps when you're about to buy your first apartment- we regard that meeting as the start of a long friendship. It may sound obvious, but we believe in satisfied clients. We like nothing better than when a previous buyer or seller rings us up for our expert advice on a new matter. That's when we know we've done a good job.

We like to develop a lifelong relationship with every client, to go through life's various phases together - from your apartment in town to your detached house in the leafy suburbs, your dream home by the sea, up to the day when you might inherit a property that you need help to dispose of. Most things in life come down to trust. In our closest personal relationships, in the way we bring up our children, or in our relationship with you. That's what we say when someone asks us about our philosophy. We say that we think in the long term, that we prefer lasting relationships and that the best thing we know is a solid foundation of trust.

We've noticed that it goes a long way.

Lars Andersson, CEO, +46 (0)739-82 80 10, lars@sothebysrealty.se

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Our history

The financial markets in Stockholm had gone cold. The property bubble of the 80s had burst, interest rates had hit the roof: the year was 1992, and Sweden was in the midst of an economic downturn. That was the year we started Skeppsholmen Fastighetsmäkleri.

Unlike our competitors, we chose to focus on the possibilities rather than passively sit back and complain. We had no preconceptions about how a real estate agency should be run. What we did have was a thorough understanding of sales and all the right qualifications. We understood the value of marketing and branding. And now, with hindsight, it's easy to realize that what lay before us was an undeveloped market.

We were also the first in the Stockholm marketplace to sit in an open plan office at street level, long before it became the norm. We have always welcomed drop-in customers to our offices, happy to offer advice over a cup of coffee. In almost every respect, we thought along different lines from our competitors. Why, for example, were there so few photographs of available properties? What good does it do an estate agent if a client spends an hour driving out to a property that looks nothing like what he had imagined?

At Skeppsholmen we did things differently. Readers of Sweden's quality broadsheet daily, Svenska Dagbladet, were soon able to see full page advertisements in full color, no more dull shades of grey. We borrowed an slogan from Avis, and soon everyone knew that Skeppsholmen was the estate agent that "tried harder". And they knew it was true.

When we started out, buyers were hard to come by. Sometimes only one family would turn up to view a property, sometimes nobody at all. That's a humbling experience, and something we'll never forget.

Even though we never intend to forget our roots, our focus is on the future.

In 2010, after almost 19 years as visionaries and market leaders, we can see the world is changing rapidly. Distance is counted in flight hours rather than in kilometres, and third or fourth homes are increasingly being sought both as a way of raising quality of life and as a smart financial investment. To give you the best of this new world, we've moved the Swedish real estate market forward by giving your home world-wide exposure.

Our acquisition of the Sotheby's International Realty® franchise was not only the logical next step; it was also a very attractive one. It wasn't just our shared appreciation for beautiful homes that brought us together; it was also the values we share. In fact, our philosophies agree in almost every respect. We've always worked with the concepts of quality of life and finding one's dream home. Sotheby´s International Realty expresses the same business idea as "artfully uniting extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives". Sotheby´s International Realty® needed a market leader in Sweden, and we wanted to give your home the greatest possible exposure in a professional way, under a respected international brand.

Skeppsholmen Sotheby's International Realty


We changed our company image to blue not to cause confusion, but rather to create security. Sotheby's International Realty® is a network of foremost real estate brokers that market the most exclusive homes in their areas. When we acquired exclusive rights in September 2010, we also gained a presence in 72 countries, with more than 920 offices, and this network continues to grow. We share the same regard for outstanding service and accessibility, in order to ensure that you, our customers, will feel secure.

Local markets are now global affairs.

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Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.